Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day 2007

A year? A whole year since I started this thing? Gee, I guess time does fly.

A lot has happened of the past year, with some of the highlights listed here. Boomper, the Boy Wonder, the Boy Wonder is now 28 months, and growing up too fast. It's an adventure to see what he'll come up with each day.

The day, as every Sunday does, started with Dad's Special Waffles... still a big hit.

This year, I had one "desire": to stay home and send the day with my family. Okay, so I spent the day with the family, but the "stay home" part was broken.

See, I've been trying to work on a bunch of little, unfinished projects.... like, um, say.... the kitchen (most folks take four years to remodel their kitchen, don't they?!?). I also have some other easy projects to take care of, like trimming room doors, and sanding/priming/painting the kitchen cabinet doors (did I mention that I'm working on the kitchen?).

So, in order to do some projects, I needed....wait for it....that's right.... MORE power tools! This time around, it was time to dig deep and buy the only belt sander I'm ever planning on purchasing: The Porter-Cable 325VS 3"x21" Variable Speed Belt Sander. Great for sanding large surfaces, large curves, and of course, racing.

Go on, and bring that Craftsman over here, and I'll show you how we do things downtown..

All-in-all, I had a great day with Regina and Boomper. I love you two!