Monday, July 07, 2008 the water...soon...

Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there. Our annual Fourth of July picnic (and surprise 7oth Birthday Party for Dad) was a success, and the pulled pork and homemade sauces went over well. More about the pork and sauces in another post.

Remember the canoe we were given back, oh two years ago? Well, just throwing out a quick update on getting our canoeing activities rolling.

"She" has been resting comfortably in our garage since we took ownership, patiently awaiting the day that she'll feel the water lapping against her sides. We are getting closer to that day, as today, I purchased three PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) for me, The Wife, and Boompstar.

Two of the three had to be ordered online from, but I ran over to pick up mine from the local EMS because the website didn't have my size in stock (???). I've been researching PFDs for two years, and finally decided on EMS's Allagash for The Wife and I, and Stohlquist's Nemo for Boompstar.

The next step is to head up to Oak Orchard Canoes, on beautiful Irondequoit Bay here in Rochester, and select suitable paddles. Even though Canoeing was my very first merit badge as a first-year Scout at Massawepie Scout Camps, I'll need to review proper paddle fitting technique for The Wife and I. Boompstar gets a short one... for now... but not for long.

So, as it looks now... I think we'll be on the water soon. I can already hear the lapping.