Wednesday, January 23, 2008

code jones

There's something to be said about releasing a project into the wild...

Today, I opened a web app that I've been working on, to beta testing by the internet sales manager at work. It's an web/tv ad submission and traffic app that I built for our sales department, and it's a module of the extranet app I'm building for the station (Did I mention that my day job is web developer at the local ABC affiliate?).

I still have some core processing to complete, but the data entry part is done to the point where I can have someone kick the tires. Of course, I still have to add the bells and whistles.

Back to the "something said"...

Right now, even though I still have work to do on the project, the act of releasing it for testing has given me a morale boost, and has triggered a "Code Jones".

Code Jones? Well, think of it this way: Right now, and I know it sounds geeky, I've got "code" running through my head at an alarming rate. I can "see" the code in front of my eyes.

Okay, it IS geeky, but sometimes that's how my brain works. I have always been able to visualize concepts, project plans and the such. Those tests back in elementary school where you are given a two-dimensional cut-out and have to form it into a 3-D object? Aced 'em every time.

So now that the Jones is rolling, I'd better get back to work. One thing about these things... they can disappear just as quickly as they appear...